ART & SILK and ART PUDA GALLERY is a young team of artists, designers and experts in the field of textiles. Its administrative office and gallery are located in Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic. Its field of activity is in the creation of artwork made from SILK, including carpets, screens, furniture upholstery, and other home furnishings.


Our gallery has developed a new approach to the use of silk to create objects, which perfectly match the interior and have an artistic value of their own. The material that we use is authentic polychrome Rajasthan silk, specially manufactured and carefully selected by our experts. Each strand of silk has its own unique set of hues. The predominant color of the yarn may contain inclusions of other colors, which makes the fabric shimmering, vibratory, and picturesque. To create interior objects, we use the traditional technology of knotted pile weaving.


However, the secret lies in the special spatial organization of knots, created by a weaver on the instructions of the designer. Designs are developed in our atelier exclusively, and handed over to specially trained weavers at a factory in India for completion.