UNIQUE INTERIOR ARTWORK. Our gallery takes pride in unique interior artwork from SILK, which we call "Carpet as a Painting". To create such a piece, we use themes from paintings by modern artists, who are part of our team, or from well-known paintings (their fragment) or classic motifs.


Carpet-as-a-painting renders the prototype’s content through different media and in a different material, and has nothing to do with such famous arts as tapestry or embroidery.


What are the unique properties of a carpet-painting? First of all, it’s the color palette. For example, tapestry, no matter how skillfully it is crafted, remains a motionless, frozen image. The magical palette of Rajasthan silk turns a carpet-painting into a living, breathing canvas. The image changes when you change the lighting and angle of view. It literally lives its own life.


Another peculiarity of the carpet-painting is the inevitable and significant transformation of familiar painting themes. A carpet made from Rajasthan silk is not a reproduction or a copy of the prototype. It is a new interpretation of a work of art. The original image appears as though hidden in the new creation, it "comes out" through the silk, like the real Rouen Cathedral in the paintings of Monet emerges through the masterstrokes. If you wished to duplicate a successful piece - that would prove to be impossible, as the changeable colors of Rajasthan silk lend something new to the previous object every time.


Last but not least, the glorious peculiarity of carpet-painting is its texture. Surprisingly enough, it is not only pleasing to the eye. Touch it and you will feel the magic of the silky softness, bumps, and hollows of its surface. It responds to touch with the shiver of atlas skin of an animal, such as a pedigreed horse or a beloved dog. And it isn’t as strange as it may seem, taking into account the living origin of silk. If you touch an ordinary painting, it will be cold, rough, and petrified. Yes, it does create an optical illusion, in some cases even more realistic than the reality itself. But carpet-paintings give the feeling of warmth and life. Now, imagine a large carpet-painting on the floor, on which you can walk barefoot…