THE MOOD OF COLOR modernism  /

To create these carpet-paintings, we select paintings by modern artists who collaborate with our gallery, paintings that can be best reproduced in polychrome Rajasthan silk.


Rajasthan silk threads contain a unique polychrome dye, where the colors merge with each other, forming an unrivalled luminous playfulness. Carpet-paintings consist of hundreds of thousands of silk thread knots. The mastery of a designer is to piece the knots together into a complete color surface. The colors used in carpet-paintings play a key role in affecting the viewers’ mood. Depending on the colors you choose, you can make a person feel relaxed or excited or in tune with the harmony of the world.



Rajasthan silk is unique in the world of weaving. No other special silk or regular silk, no matter how skillfully it is dyed, can compete with the shimmering multicolor of Rajasthan silk. The silk threads contain the shimmering fickleness of color, which transforms into a magical vivid surface when placed on the canvas of a carpet-painting.


Carpet-paintings can reproduce familiar themes from the world of art without copying the originals. The magical fickleness of Rajasthan silk’s color palette, which our designers have mastered, creates a duality of perception that gives familiar images a kiss of life in a different, three-dimensional measurement of color and texture.